Cummins fuel shut off solenoid

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Cummins fuel shut off solenoid

The Cummins engine is a family of engines manufactured by Westport, Inc., a subsidiary of Navistar International Corporation. Originally built for use in trucks by the Indiana based manufacturer, it has been used in other applications such as marine engines and power generation systems. Although the original models were Tier IV emission-compliant engines, recent updates have made them Tier II/III compliant.

Cummins fuel shut off solenoid is comminly used in equipment such as trucks and diesel engines. In this article, we will introdue something you may not know about Cummins fuel shut off solenoid.


How does a Cummins fuel shut off solenoid work?

Fuel shut off solenoid is a cut down valve or device to cut off fuel supply to force your diesel engine to stop. The purpose of this device is to prevent any type of leakage, both inside or outside the engine. This device works by using a sensor that detects if there is any excess pressure in the system. If there is enough pressure, it will automatically shut off the flow of fuel into the engine.

The use of this type of device can help prevent damage to your vehicle's engine by not allowing it to overheat during heavy use. This can help ensure that all parts inside remain working properly and that you do not need to replace them later on down the road when they have become worn out from constant use.


What is the relationship between Cummins fuel shut off solenoid and Dodge fuel shut off solenoid?

In the 1980s Dodge was pushing an anemic slant-six engine and a 5.9-liter V8. And getting slaughtered in the market. So, in 1989 Dodge partnered with Cummins and the company started offering a six-cylinder turbo diesel from Cummins. The original 5.9-liter turbo-diesel wasn’t just powerful, with 400 lb.-ft. of torque, it was groundbreaking because it was the first time a turbo had shown up on a consumer diesel truck.

The Cummins corporation actually made the engines for the Chrysler corporation bda Dodge and Ram companies. All these Cummins diesel engines are inline 6 cylinders. You can find these Cummins engines in many Dodge Ram 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500 truck models

Cummins makes three different series of diesel engines, all of which are available with a wide range of features, power levels and fuel economy ratings. The base engine is the QSB6.7 MPI-T and it produces 265 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 RPMs. This engine is available in two different power outputs: 250 hp and 400 hp.

The Magnum 954 Turbo Diesel Engine delivers up to 954 hp with an aftermarket turbocharger, which can produce up to 815 lb-ft of torque at 1,800 RPMs. This engine can be found in several Ram trucks including the 1500 HD Mega Cab 4x4 and 2500 HD Mega Cab 4x4 trucks.

The Cummins ISL 953 Turbo Diesel Engine produces up to 953 hp with an aftermarket turbocharger, which can produce up to 755 lb-ft of.

Based on the relationship of Cummins and Dodge, Cummins fuel shut off solenoid is commonly used on Dodge truck.


Where is the fuel shut off solenoid cummins?

The stop solenoid is usually located at the entrance to the fuel injection pump or in the fuel line before the fuel injection pump. At a state of rest, the solenoid will have no power and need to be energised to allow the engine to run.

The stop solenoid is designed to automatically shut off fuel/air mixture as soon as it reaches a certain amount of pressure, which is usually set at 500psi. The amount of time it takes for this pressure to reach this level varies depending on many factors such as ambient temperature, altitude, engine load and other factors. The fuel injection pump is a mechanical device which pumps the fuel/air mixture into the cylinders. It is usually located on the intake manifold but can be found on most engines, especially larger ones. It usually has two separate pistons (one for each cylinder) and they move in opposite directions to ensure that it always has a good seal against the cylinder wall and also prevents backpressure in the system. When the piston moves one way, it compresses air/fuel mixture which is then forced into the combustion chamber and sucked through by the piston moving in an opposing direction.

In diesel engines, this process takes place much more quickly as there are two pistons for every cylinder rather than just one. This allows more air to be mixed with.  


Cummins fuel shut off solenoid models

Cummins solenoid valve model is generally a seven-digit number. Diselmart main supply replaced fuel shut off solenoids. For Cummins, what we mainly supply are as below:

3991625 3358076 5267132 3991624 3991168 3964628 3991167 3964627 3977620 5272680 4942878 3415706 5365993 4946639 3935650 3970416 3935649 3965091 3921980 3918601

3921978 3918600 3958176 3958160 3958177 3287406 3932546 3932545 3934177 3934174 3935457 3935459 3935456 3935458 3936026 3939019 3964622 3939018 3964621 3906776 3906398 3924450 3926412 3926411 3930236 3930235 59009134 3990771 3990770 3864274 3919423 3931196 3919422 3934972 3934171 3800603 3928161 3930234 3930233 3923680 3990773 3990772 4063712 3932530 3939701 3932529 3939700 3935430 3935432 3935429 3935431 3354943 3357411 5254169 5292297 5295567 5295568 5301701 5304951 5346207 3967168 3974947 3035344 3018453 3017993 3054611 3054608 3035334 4024808 3408421 3054608 3054612

If you cannot find your model above, you can also contact our experts for assiatance.


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