Something that you may not know about fuel stop solenoid

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Something that you may not know about fuel stop solenoid

1. What does a fuel shut off solenoid do?

2. How many brands for fuel shut off solenoid?

3. What is the main common problems for a broken fuel shu off solenoid?

4. How to replace a new fuel stop solenoid by myself?


What does a fuel shut off solenoid do?

Fuel shutoff solenoid is also called fuel stop solenoid, fuel cut off solenoid. The fuel shutoff solenoid is one such device used to remotely and, in some cases, automatically cut the fuel supply to an engine or burner. These valves are generally one piece units consisting of two separate devices.

A valve body and an integral solenoid assembly connected to the valve stem combine together a fuel shutoff solenoid.


How many brands for fuel shut off solenoid?

There are many brands for fuel shutoff solenoid, mainly in heavy duty machinery area, there are such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kubota, Kobelco, Perkins, Woodward, Trombetta, Bosch, Hyundai, Doosan, Bobcat, Perkins, FG Wilson, Kohler, JCB, Hitachi, Volvo, John Deere, Sanyi, XCMG, Liebherr, Case, New Holland.

What is the main common signals for a broken fuel shuoff solenoid?

Obviously when you notice your engine start to performance cold, your fuel shut off solenoid is sending a signal that you need to change a new one. Here below are main common symptoms:

Engine shut off

If you see that it is abruptly shutting off, then one of the main reason is a lousy fuel shut off in the solenoid.It usually occurs when the electromagnetic component does not get adequately energized. So, when you try to start the engine, it shuts off without any preemptive warning.

Troublesome acceleration

When you use your machine and find that acclleration isn’t smooth.

Cold starts

When you try to start your tractor or excavator, you find the engine starts very poor. And after cleaning the solenoid it still same symptom.

Rushing noise

If you hear a harsh sound while starting the car for a few seconds, it’s time to check your solenoid. Generally, the rushing noise doesn’t last much. It appears when you start the engine and lasts for a few seconds. However, this can get annoying to various users. And if you leave it unchecked, the problem will increase, ultimately leading to a complete engine shutdown.


When you start your engine and find smoke coming our from the engine.

Unsteady Idling

When there is a lousy fuel shut-off, you will see that it’s precarious while idling your garden vehicle. It can be very annoying sometimes while idling your mower. You can’t focus on your other activities. It shuts off, or some noises throw up upon you.

How to replace a new fuel stop solenoid by myself?

When you find the symptoms above, it’s time to replace a new fuel shut off solenoid. It’s hard to use words to explain, you can watch the video as below:


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