What is generator automatic voltage regulator (AVR)?

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What is generator automatic voltage regulator (AVR)?


What is AVR?

AVR is automatic voltage regulator for short, it's used generator automatic voltage regulation.

It is a type of power supply that converts the output voltage from a source to a lower-voltage output. It has three main functions: regulation (adjusting to maintain its output voltage), switching (providing constant output while the load varies), and bypassing (rejecting an unwanted or excessive amount of power). AVRs are often used in combination with other components such as rectifiers, filters, and capacitors to produce an AC waveform suitable for driving an electrical load. 

An AVR is usually integrated into a larger electronic circuit that includes other functional blocks such as rectifiers, filters and capacitors. Generator AVR is a regulator used for voltage adjusting.


The function of generator AVR

Generator AVR is a regulator used for voltage adjusting. The generator AVR is used to output contant and stable voltage for whole genset. AVR is a necessary part of the generator. Without automatic voltage regulator, generator is susceptible to power shortages and sparks.


The main brand of avr on generator

There are many famous brands for generator AVR, such as Stamford, Onan, Mecc Alte, Leroy Somer, Honda, FG Wilson, Kipor, Marathon, Denyo, Mareli, Engga, Simens, Kutai, Caterpillar, WEG.


Where is an AVR located in a generator?

The generator AVR is usually located in one of three places. It can be in the main control box of the generator, in the alternators terminal box or it could be (only on very small portable units usually) located under the alternators rear cover.


How to identify if my generator AVR is working well?

When you find the generator lose excitation; the output voltage is not normal; the generator shut down suddenly. You’d better to check if the generator AVR is working well. Make generator in good condition cannot only extand the lifetime of generator but also can make sure your project efficiency.



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