What does closing the solenoid valve do?
An engine stop solenoid is an electromagnetic device designed to cut off the fuel supply to the engine to force it to stop. Most mechanical engines are fitted with stop solenoid valves.

How to tell if your solenoid valve is damaged?
If the starter engages but does not disengage when the key is released, the solenoid could be damaged and the starter could be severely damaged. Sometimes your car will start and sometimes it won't. Intermittent operation may be a symptom of a malfunctioning starter solenoid.

Solenoid valves, coils from DISELMART for servicing scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers. Brands covered include Skyjack, Genie, JLG. The best-selling models of each brand are:
Genie: 28651GT, 32752GT, 77402GT, T114678GT, 106663GT, 72265GT.
JLG: 7023177, 7023161, 0250069 7027300, 3740028, 7020458, 7027251, 7020167, 3740056, etc.

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