SmartGen is a technological modernization enterprise, focusing on intelligent control system for engine, generator and dual power supply.

Composition of generator set
A diesel generator set generally consists of three parts: engine, generator and controller. Among them, the engine provides power, and the generator converts the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical energy. The controller is the brain part of the generator set, w hich not only provides the functions of starting, stopping, data measurement, data display and fault protection of the engine, but also provides power measurement of the generator. , power display and power protection function.

Maintenance Method
Many users who buy diesel generator sets have a common worry. They are worried that once the diesel generator set fails, maintenance will be a big problem. In fact, the maintenance of diesel generator sets is also subject to great limitations.
The loading test in the existing maintenance of the diesel generator set is only a load test of the existing electrical equipment at the back end, which has certain risks and low power; there is no scientific basis for replacing the third filter or undergoing an overhaul; Replacing the third filter or undergoing an overhaul Finally, there is no special load for loading test run, and it is not clear whether the expected purpose can be achieved; diesel generator set no-load test run and a large amount of carbon deposits generated by low-power load. These maintenance limitations also require users to understand and be considered.

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