What is the function of the limit switch?
A limit switch is an electromechanical device that is operated by a physical force exerted by an object. Limit switches are used to detect the presence of objects. These switches were originally used to define the travel limits of objects, hence the name limit switches.

With limit switches, the hoist lift height can be adjusted to your specified height, which is useful when it needs to be level with other installations, eg. floor or conveyor belt. After the limit switch is installed, the hydraulic pump will automatically stop when it reaches the specified height, thereby reducing the pressure on the pump and hydraulic system and prolonging the service life of the scissor lift table.

Why choose DISELMART to buy limit switches?
DISELMART provides various types of limit switches for various brands of aerial work machines. Applied to a variety of mechanical equipment to achieve limit protection.

Our products have undergone professional quality inspection, and we can provide professional purchasing guidance to ensure that you buy the right product that matches your model.

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