What is a contactor?
A contactor is an electrical switch designed to make or break a power circuit. Contactors are usually controlled by circuits with much lower power levels than switching circuits. Contactors are intended for heavy duty, higher power applications, so they tend to be physically larger and heavier than relays, and they switch much slower. In most cases, they are more expensive than relays and consume more power due to larger solenoid coils.

How do I choose a suitable contactor?
Many different types of contactors can be purchased online at DISELMART, including single-phase contactors and three-phase contactors. Selecting the best contactor for your machine requires careful evaluation of various key specifications, features and specifications. Load requirements and power ratings (voltage and current) are always one of the most important considerations. The contactor coil voltage (control circuit voltage) is not necessarily the same as the open and closed load voltage. For example, the coil voltage can be 24VDC, but the motor that turns on and off can be 400VAC. Typical coil voltages available include 12, 24, 48, 110, 230 and 400V.

Contactor brands offered by DISELMART
Many leading brands are known for manufacturing high quality, reliable electrical contactor switches. The most popular suppliers working with us for various switch and contactor accessories include Genie, JLG, Dingli, Eaton.

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