What is a ComAp controller?
ComAp Controls Limited is a UK subsidiary of ComAp Group, based in Prague, Czech Republic. ComAp designs and manufactures control products for power generation, engine control and renewable energy, along with associated accessories and software.

Why choose ComAp controller on DISELMART?
Diselmart can provide you with different types controller for ComAp. Diselmart is a professional controller supplier, we have controller for tractors, diesel trucks, and other vehicles. We offer different types of electronic control system parts that can effectively meet your needs.

Which Comap Controller do DISELMART supply?
We provide Single Gen-set Controller, Paralleling Gen-set Controller, Engine Controller, Microgrid Controllers. Among them, the InteliLite series is the most widely available. InteliLite 4 AMF 25, InteliLite 4 AMF 20, InteliLite AMF 20, InteliLite AMF 25.

Used for Power generation: Hybrid, Mission critical, fuel cells, Rental, light towers, standby, prime by.
Smart energy management: Hybrid energy management, fleet management.

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