Woodward fuel solenoids

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Woodward fuel solenoids

Solenoids generate electrical magnetic fields that interact with mechanical components. They essentially turn electric power into mechanical functions: turning a switch on or off, closing and opening internal valves, or setting off chain reactions to start or stop mechanical circuits.

The basic solenoid consists of a thin copper wire wound around a steel plunger. When the power turns on, the magnetic field activates to pull the plunger back in. If the exposed end of the plunger contacts another segment of equipment, the solenoid effectively acts as a start-stop mechanism for the circuit that equipment handles.

Fuel solenoids are used to cut the fuel supply to the engine when the ignition is switched off. Stop solenoid fits into the diesel distribution pump and can be a cause for diesel systems to fail. When the solenoid is turned on the plunger pulls the valve which allows fuel to pass through. Fuel solenoids are widely use in diesel engine which covers from tractors, excavators, loaders, skid steers, dozers, hammers, lawns, heavy trucks, trailers to snow removals.

And Woodward fuel solenoids is one of most famous one in this area. In this article you will know more about Woodward Inc and it’s fuel solenoids.

About Woodward Inc

Woodward fuel solenoid group

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About Woodward Inc

Woodward Inc. is a world leading manufacturer and services energy control systems and components supplier for aircraft and industrial engines and turbines.

Woodward, Inc. was founded in 1870 in Loves Park, IL as the Woodward Governor Company after Amos Woodward invented and patented a better, faster, more efficient water wheel governor. Thirty years later, the company expanded when his son, Elmer, patented the first successful mechanical compensating governor for hydraulic turbines. In 1933, Woodward became more diversified by expanding its product line to include diesel engine controls. The company entered the Aerospace market in 1933 when Elmer Woodward invented the first successful variable-pitch aircraft propeller. 

Woodward governors followed the rapid advancement of diesel engine applications for railroads, maritime and electrical generation in many fields. The advent of gas turbine engines for aircraft and industrial uses offered more opportunities for Woodward’s fuel control systems. Today, almost all aircraft use Woodward products.

For the aerospace market, Woodward provide systems, components and solutions for both commercial and military applications. Our key focus areas are propulsion system control solutions for turbine powered aircraft, actuation systems and motion control solutions. 

For industrial markets, Woodward provides control solutions for equipment that produces electricity using conventional or renewable energy sources, solutions for the control of power quality, distribution and storage on the electrical grid, as well as control solutions for power equipment used in the extraction, distribution, and conversion of renewable and fossil fuels in marine, locomotive, and industrial equipment applications. 

Nowadays, Woodward products covers from governors, actuators, controls for industrial engines, turbine to power equipment.


Woodward fuel solenoid group

Woodward syno start fuel solenoids have two kinds of solenoids, single-coil solenoids and dual-coil solenoids.

Single-coil solenoids are 1000S series, 1510S series.

1000S series

Heavy-duty locks designed for side-load resistance in hydraulic or mechanical applications. Plunger can withstand 1500 pounds of side load in the de-energized position.

  • Single coil construction for simple electrical interface
  • Hardened, stainless steel pin resists high shear load and increases fatigue resistance
  • Nickel plated plunger ensures smooth, reliable operation, as well as corrosion and wear resistance
  • Protective brass liner plunger bore provides longer operating life
  • Rugged construction allows for operation under the most severe temperature and vibration conditions
  • Easy installation—no brackets or linkages necessary

Example models: SA-4971, SA-4972

1510S series

Typically designed for continuous duty, with single coil performing both the pull and hold function for the solenoid.

  • Continuous duty operation
  • Hard chrome plated plunger for smooth, reliable, wear-resistant operation
  • Brass liner plunger bore for long life
  • Corrosion resistant plated steel housing and mounting base/flange
  • Potted coil construction
  • Variety of options for mounting bases/flanges, plungers, terminations, boots, and springs
  • 100% inspected and factory tested

Example models: SA-4741

Dual-coil solenoids are 1500 series, 1700 series, 1750 push series, 1750 series, 2000 series, 2370 series.


1500 series

Models 1502, 1502ES & 1504 dual coil solenoids Pull Force Range: 10-12 lbs (44-53 N) Hold Force Range: 19-28 lbs (85-125 N)


1700 series

Models 1751, 1751ES, 1753 & 1753ES dual coil solenoids Pull Force Range: 19-25 lbs (85-111 N) Hold Force Range: 38-43 lbs (169-191 N)


2000 series

Models 2001, 2001ES, 2003, 2003ES dual coil solenoids Pull Force Range: 21-29 lbs (93-129 N) Hold Force Range: 41-51 lbs (182-227 N)



2370 series

Models 2370 and 2370ES dual coil solenoids Pull Force Range: 37-39 lbs (165-173 N) Hold Force Range: 88-92 lbs (391-409 N)


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